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About Us

Galway Chamber is the premier business organisation in Galway. We currently represent nearly 500 companies, and in turn represent over 27,000 employees in Galway City and County. We are a privately constituted organisation, that works for the interests of businesses, and for the economic development of the City and Region.

Our Vision Statement: Galway at the leading edge’

The message from this vision statement is that Galway will strive to be the best at whatever it undertakes, to achieve excellence in everything, to be to the fore in new developments and to be the leading location in every endeavour it undertakes. Most of all this vision statement is an attitude and way of thinking. This vision is intended to be a motivator, a target to be achieved and a commitment to excellence. This vision can be applied to all aspects of life and business in Galway.

Therefore our Mission is to: "Make Galway the leading location for business, investment and people"

Our activities include influencing decisions and lobbying on behalf of businesses, providing opportunities for business networking, export documentation, trade information, business promotion & support and encouraging mutual business support between members.

Whether your business is Retail, Manufacturing, IT, Services, Financial, R&D or other, the continued well-being of your business is inextricably linked to the continued well being of Galway. The full time staff and the many ‘voluntary’ people who comprise Galway Chamber work tirelessly to ensure that Galway will continue to be a vibrant ‘leading edge’ location for business, investment and people.

We support our Galway.

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Message from Chamber President JP Gilmartin

I’m extremely honoured to have been elected President of Galway Chamber.  In times like this we need, more than ever, to remain positive, ambitious and focused on our objectives as a Chamber.

During my term I want the Chamber to build on the successes of my predecessors and continue the work that has been achieved to date.

In relation to transport, we will continue to lobby on sustainable transport, through our campaign ‘Get Galway Moving’. There needs to be a fundamental change in the nature of our approach to transport to achieve the required improvements in climate impact and quality of life.

For Galway to grow sustainably and be an attractive region, we must have exceptional public transport. We must continue advocating for the implementation of the Galway Transportation Strategy. A public transport corridor, improvements to our rail links, park & ride options, segregated cycle-lanes and improved pedestrian routes are collectively needed to actively encourage a shift from private to public transport.

Delivery of the Galway City Ring Road is a key deliverable in the context of implementing the Galway Transportation Strategy and it is essential for the development of the region. It will reduce congestion in the city, reduce carbon emissions and allow for viable alternatives to private car usage such as improved cycle lanes, bus routes and pedestrian facilities.

In the last few months, the Chamber has focused its efforts on supporting local businesses during the Covid-19 crisis. In response to the pandemic the Chamber set-up the Business Recovery Forum, engaging with businesses across all sectors to understand their immediate challenges and the assistance/support needed from both local and national government in the recovery period. The Chamber has been liaising on a local level with the Galway City Mobility Team and on a national level with the Department of Finance and the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation through Chambers Ireland relaying Galway businesses concerns and recommendations.

Continuing to support our local economy with our ‘support local’ campaigns in the next few months and inject some much-needed spending into our local economy will continue to be a priority for us.

Balanced Regional Development is one of the missions listed in the new Programme for Government. We will lobby and advocate for the implementation of Government Policy aligned with the National Planning Framework to ensure balanced and sustainable development.

Key to this will be developing our regional cities, including Galway. In a post Covid world, ensuring access to high quality broadband is essential to the development of the regions both socially and economically. We will work with and lobby relevant stakeholders for the accelerated roll out of the National Broadband Plan and the roll out of enterprise hubs along the Atlantic Economic Corridor.

In the new Programme for Government an ambition has been set to halve our carbon emissions from 2021 to 2030 and to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. This will pose challenges but also give rise to significant opportunities. While this will require far reaching policy changes and innovative technologies, we are undoubtedly going to see a focus on the immense potential of Ireland’s offshore renewables off the Atlantic Coast. The ambition is for Ireland to become a major contributor to a pan European renewable energy generation and transmission system. This will involve leveraging at least 30GW of offshore floating wind power in our deeper Atlantic waters. To achieve this will require utilising our existing energy and maritime infrastructure and a redeveloped Galway Port can be a significant enabler of this Government ambition and aligns closely with Government policy and the green agenda.

The availability of good quality housing to purchase or rent at an affordable price, built to a high standard and located close to essential transport and other services is key. We will work with all central government, local authorities and other stakeholders, including the Land Development Agency, to identify strategic urban sites with development potential.

Now more than ever a clear vision for Galway Chamber is needed and a new strategy has been developed to help us focus our resources to achieve our objectives.

We must continue to highlight Galway’s opportunities and issues and present solutions, create debate, attract attention, and do everything possible to gain traction and action, nationally and locally.

JP Gilmartin 
Galway Chamber President 2020